Arch Enemy

Even though it’s a bit later than expected, here I finally update my blog. So let’s see … Arch Enemy ! Right. So with my two metal buddies Florian and Georgios (unfortunately Lothar was sick that week-end), we went back to NYC to see Arch Enemy at the Fillmore. We’re getting used to it by now :) For those who don’t know Arch Enemy, have a quick look at what wikipedia says. Basically it’s a band I’ve been listening to for a long time now, and I did not hesitate when I heard about their NYC concert.

The particular thing about Arch Enemy is that even though they play melodic death metal, their main singer is a … woman. Unusual enough to get the attention needed, especially when their music is more brutal and faster than some “normal” death metal bands (if there is such a thing :D ). So this is what it looks like, live:

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Three other bands were playing as guest bands, and among them were Dark Tranquility and Divine Heresy (!). This was probably one of the loudest “acid” guitar sound I’ve ever heard. The mosh pit was kind of brutal for American conditions, and as their music is more Metalcore-ish, it was fun to watch but I don’t really enjoy this kind of “music”. Although their drummer is known to be one of the fastest in the world, him and Dino Cazares (from Fear Factory) were amazing.

Here are some random pictures I took with Silvia’s camera (which, by the way, I had to give back because someone stole hers):

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