Whitewater Rafting

Last week end a whole group of interns went rafting in the Poconos Mountains, in Penssylvania, in the very vicinity of our paintball location. This time, Christian organized the whole thing: 27 interns did sign up. We had to get up very early on the morning, which was even harder for most of us because of the huge party that took place at Katherine’s place, in Princeton. So after a whole hour of sleep, I got up and we met at Siemens at 7am.

After almost 2 hours, we finally got there. We could check in and then proceed with renting the mandatory swimsuits. 6 people normally fit on a boat, meet my funny crew was: Silvia, Silvana, Florian, Philipp, Torsten and myself.

After a short introduction about what to do in order not to drown, we took a short bus ride to the starting location. The funny thing was that the bus was an old schoolbus, like we Europeans know only from movies.

The water was very cold, it’s a good thing we had our swimsuits ! The current was not too strong, and I was a bit deceived that it wasn’t more wild. I was secretly hoping for more action, but it was still very funny. Especially the so called “French boat” made our day: Davide and Jun-Yi fell from the boat !

Christian had a waterproof camera, this is how we got those cool pictures. More are available in my gallery, as usual. Solong … :)

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