Finally, another concert I went to. This time, Apocalyptica played in NYC at the Irving Plaza. Georgios, Florian, Lothar and myself went the to concert. The location is just perfect for concerts, as it is not too big and the stage is very large.

The cellists were really impressive, and the setlist of the concert was just great. I took some pictures, but as we were not really allowed to use the flash, several pictures are blurry. Here are some shots, make sure to see the other pictures in the gallery:

I found several recordings of the concert on youtube, the sound is not fantastic but still ok. This song is called “Betrayal”:

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Here is a video of “Inquisition Symphony”, one of the most impressive songs in my opinion. It’s a live from Germany, the sound is better than in the actual recordings of the concert I went to:

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The concert was not brutal at all, but I was expecting this. After all, it’s not really metal :)
The next concert, however, will be far more agitated … next sunday at the same location again, but this time the Swedish melodic death metal band “Arch Enemy” is playing ! Stay tuned !

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  1. Timada Says:

    ……………..aber nix zu Beissen haben :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how to make yerba mate…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hand carved wood furniture…

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