The end of my internship … NOT !

Suprised ? Me too. So I’ll make it official: I am staying here ! Time just flew by during my stay in the USA, and before I knew it, it was April 5th and I would fly back to Europe. When I first planned to do my internship here, I also wanted to write my final paper (diploma thesis) in order to finish my studies. As it turned out, the internship I was given was not really suited for a thesis, and now it’s over and I still have not written my thesis.

I spoke to another intern’s supervisor who happened to be looking for a new intern about a month ago, and after a couple of interviews, I got the position and I would start in april ! Not only would I change department (from Automation & Control to Software Engineering), but I would also get a very interesting thesis subject and two very nice supervisors. I took care of all the extension paperwork I had to fill out, and one downside of all this is that my Visa would expire in May and I won’t be able to leave the country until the end of my internship (unless, of course, I got a new Visa … but I could only do this outside of the USA - go figure).

Anyway, here I am for another six months, until september. That way, I would have stayed one whole year in the USA. It’s actually a good thing that I could extend my internship, because there are several things I have not seen here yet (including the west coast). Plus, I really enjoy the casual lifestyle here. For some personal reasons it has not been the most easy decision I had to take, but I think I took the right one after all :)

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  1. Timada Says:

    ……………bezogen auf den letzten Satz ………………..das glaub’ ich auch :)

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