Ski Trip in Blue Mountain Lake

I spent the last weekend skiing in Blue Mountain Lake (NY), 300 Miles from Princeton, with 9 other interns from SCR. We rented a furnished shack in the middle of nowhere for 2 days, and everything would just be wonderful. Except the weather, though. Here’s a map:


With three cars (Malibu, HHR and G6), we left Siemens around 3:30 pm on Friday. The ride wasn’t as fun as expected, as the weather really got worse the closer we got to the Gore Mountain Area. But nevertheless, me made it without major incident. We rented snowboards and skis, and we had a lot a fun despite the freezing, constant rain pouring from the sky. It’s been 2 years that I have not been riding a snowboard, but somehow it came back quite fast and after a few rides, I really enjoyed it.





Back at the shack, we had everything we needed: A fireplace, funny interns, drinking games and loooots of alcohol (which, by the way, we did not even finish). We may not have got enough sleep during that week end, but it was totally worth it. Sunday morning was almost sunny, and I had snowed the whole night … Happy as a clam, we took the 30 Miles ride to the station. Somehow, we got the strange feeling that something was wrong. Indeed, as we arrived, only a few cars were parked outside and the chairlifts did not move. After talking to some local guy in charge, it turns out that a power failure was the cause of this. So we could either get our money back, or go to another station, a couple of miles away, where only one chairlift was working. There also was a half pipe and snowboard rails.





We went there anyway, and had a good time. I got myself a stiff neck in the late afternoon, when I tried to master the half pipe. It’s way more difficult than it actually looks like ! Here is a nice group picture, make sure to take a closer look to my full body suit that made me look like Hannibal Lecter :D Tons of other pictures can be found, as usual, in my gallery.


Thanks to Mirja for organizing the whole trip, and to everybody who was there: Robert, Daniel, Didi, Josephine, David, Steffen, Konrad and Florian. What’s the next event ? :D

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