Bad Taste party busted !

Florentin left 3 weeks ago, now it was the french teams turn. To celebrate this, their farewell party was originally a “Beach Party”, but after a few changes it finally got renamed into a “Bad Taste Party”. Well, why not, sounds like fun. For the first time in the washington road house history, more than 120 people were invited, and at least 75 showed up. Needless to say, it was very crowded. The party was fun, lots of alcohol were consumed and several people had really bad taste according to their outfit :D




Silvia challenged me at a drinking game which turned out to be less fun for her than expected, and it got worse when all the soft drinks were gone and we had nothing left to mix the hard stuff with. So some smirnof ice did the job :D Around 1:30am, the party got interrupted. Four police cars arrived and with absolutely no sense of humor the cops asked everyone to leave. The neighbour was the one who called them - righteously, I have to admit. It may not have been necessary, after all, to urinate on their house and to bring a car onto the lawn in front of the house …But smart as we are, we waited for about 15 minutes on a parking nearby, and then came back to the house, where the party went on. At least, it was less crowded now…




The next day at noon, the landlords showed up and they were a bit pissed off. So I guess that was the last huge party at washington road for a long time … I took the french guys to the train station and I went back home. I will miss you guys ! I will have to find myself a new ping pong buddy, and also someone to laugh at my stupid jokes an puns. Solong, I’ll see you in Compiegne, if I ever come back to France one day :D

My gallery has been updated, and someone even took a pictures of the cops ^^

7 Responses to “Bad Taste party busted !”

  1. Flo Says:

    Police raid at wash rd … maaaaan I miss all the fun ?

    Was it that bad, do you really think this will end the party marathon ?

    cn’t really imagine ? tell me mote drama ! ;)



  2. Tim Says:

    I think that we can’t do any HUGE parties like this anymore, but of course there will still be regular parties. If you have too many people, you can’t control everyone :/ But still, it was a very good party :D

  3. Philipp Says:

    Damn you guys! Only one week until I get to Princeton and now Washington Road (that I read so much about) is closed down.

  4. Tim Says:

    Well it’s not really over, we will just step down a bit … we don’t want the wash road hosts to get more trouble. But don’t worry, there are plenti of other parties. The french crew is currently on a party-row :D

  5. risbo Says:

    If you had a blond beard on the first pic, you would be hulk hogan ^^

    (w/o the muscles of course :D)

  6. Tim Says:

    Hulk Hogan ? He owed me money, and I beat the crap out of him last week *evil* :D

  7. Adri Says:

    Wash Road parties are dead because of us. What a wonderful present we left you :)
    You will need to squat french community’s appartments for the parties !!

    Btw Tim, Im still waiting for the ping pong table photos ;)


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