Atlantic City

Luc had a plan about how to become rich at the roulette. So we went to Atlantic City in order to test his plan with Adrien, Mika and Morgane. We drove exactly 100 miles to the shore to finally arrive at this strange city that looks like it’s under constant construction. There is nothing but casinos along the beach and factory outlets, and the general atmosphere is rather disturbing. It is as if there is nothing there but luxurious gambling places, and all the rest is left behind because no one cares about it.

We parked the car and went to the most famous casino of the city: The Taj-Mahal. People could enter and exit as they pleased, and unlike European casinos, no one gives a damn about any dress code. You only needed to be over 21 in order to play, and even that could easily be bypassed with a simple fake ID. No photos were allowed inside the game rooms, but we took a few in the entrance. The hall was amazingly huge, and I’ve never seen so many slot machines at once.

The thing that struck me the most was the amount of old people sitting in front of their slot machine, playing without thinking, hoping that they might actually become rich one day. It reminded me very much of the movie “Requiem for a Dream”, where the thin reed of hope kept the old woman playing every day. Most of the old players had their member card attached to them, and in a appalling way, they looked like mindless robots.

So we tried those slot machines, but the odds to win anything worth mentioning are too low. So we moved towards the roulette and poker tables, where the richer people were spending thousands of dollars per game. Luc first lost $40, but then tried again on another table. He won back his money, but then lost $180 in a row in a run of bad luck. He was playing black, but 5 red came out in a row. Unwilling to lose any more money, he abandoned.

We visited two more casinos, in order to find a roulette table where the minimum bet was cheaper than $10, but we couldn’t find any. In Las Vegas, they should have some of these. We watched several roulette games, and some people definitively have too much money to spend. So I lost $10 at the slot machines, and later with Adrien we almost won $30. In the end, we lost everything we won, and then we stopped playing because we had to go back to Princeton.

So after all, it was a good experience and I can totally understand that one could easily become addicted to gambling, and if I have had more money, I would probably have played more. I’ll have to try this at least one more time some day, Luc already invited us to his favorite casino in Switzerland. I’ll be there, Luc ! :D

In the evening, Flo’s farewell party would take place at Washington road… The funny thing about this party is that it was a Pajama Party ! :D I’ll write about it tomorrow. So long …

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  1. Silvia Says:

    woooow u spend 180 bucks?! how crazy is that! next time when u have too much money give it to a poor au pair like me… or spend it on alcohol for poor under-aged people… like me. fazit: spend your money next time on me! got it?
    but adrien wears a nice smoking.. i wonder if he was allowed to play ;) ?

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