NJ Devils vs Montreal Canadiens

So on Thursday we went to Newark to see an Ice Hockey game: The NJ Devils vs Montreal Canadiens. The seats were OK, just like the NBA Game we were up on one of the last balconies, but for $20 what could you expect ? Sometimes it was hard to keep track of the puck :D So how was it ? Great ! In my opinion, it’s so much better than Basket ball. The players are fast, and the suspense lasts until the end.

The NJ Devils scored 2 goals in the first third-time, but then the Canadiens took back the lead and finally won. It’s impressive how fast the players are, and how quickly the situation can change within only seconds ! I’d really love to try it some day, but I’ve never been ice skating … it’s about time. I think we might go some time soon, I’ll keep you informed. More pictures are in the gallery. I’ll maybe add a video later :) On the way back home, Luc, Adrien and Mika were hungry and decided to stop at the next burger king … and for the first time in my life, I had to order a salad if I wanted to win my bet :-/

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  1. Tafkas Says:

    We should definitely go ice skating some day here.

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