Cocktail Party

To start the new year with joy, what else could be better as a cocktail party ? Twice a year, this event takes place at the washington road party house, and every time it was a great success. It was also Didi’s birthday party, so another reason to party ! Over 60 people were invited, and I have never seen the house that full. Fabio and Andreas did a great job mixing cocktails, and we even saw a new faces that evening. Everyone brought liquor, you could actually count several gallons of vodka ! The police did not show up, and no major catastrophy happened. It was very fancy as the girls wore their cocktail dress, and the guys wore tuxes. Everyone had fun, and the party went on until 6am !

More pictures are available in the gallery, I’ll probably get more soon….
PS: Jep, I did not have my tux, I know :D

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