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It’s been a while since the last post, which does not mean that there is nothing to write about. I have just been lazy, that’s all. First of all, I have a new car. I had to bring my beloved Kia back to the car rental… no wonder after the Boston and Montreal trip, I probably exceeded the mileage.

Anyway, they handed me over the keys to their last “Mid-sized” car they had left that day. That’s when I started thinking about what my surprise would be. And a suprise it was ! Meet HHR, the red coroner’s car from Chevy:

But after a few weeks of driving, it turns out that this car has a better mileage than my Kia. It’s no V6, but it does the job. Who needs an overpowered engine on US roads anyway ? Plus, I finally have an Autoradio with Line-in :D For the next trips, we will probably have to take Flo’s Impala or Mickael’s G6. Funny coincidence, at Siemens, I have a Car-Twin :D

We had our first snow fall a few weeks ago. The local pond is half-way frozen and it’s getting really cold when the wind blows. This is actually a good thing, christmas is approaching and it has to be cold for christmas, otherwise I’d get the feeling that something is missing. At night, as you drive around the neighborhood, you could see the chintzy decorated gardens with lots of lights everywhere and sometimes a baby jesus. A tasteless display of excess, where the only thing that actually matters is to outdo the equally ignorant neighbours. Some people should really lighten up ( :D ) … Thank god in Europe people don’t care that much about this. Next week I’ll take a few pictures, I promise.

A great birthday party took place at washington road for Florentin (25), Chris (24) and Adrien (20). There are plenty of pictures, take a look at the gallery. Adrien got a Princeton polo shirt, Chris got 2 beer glasses (the best gift ever), and Flo (Mr Mac addict) got overpriced Ipod accessoires he will barely ever use ( :D ). Washington road parties are always fun !

The next party came along very quickly: The Siemens christmas party at the Westin hotel. Sometimes, it’s just great to be an intern… It was very fancy and the food was excellent. Oh, and did I mention the open bar ? They even had non-american beer ! If I had to criticize anything about the whole party, it’d be the music. At the end, it was definitely too loud and besides that, no one wants to listen to usher. Well at least, I don’t. Not at such a glamorous party !

For those of you who are wondering why I switched to english, well first of all, people have been complaining about me always writing in german. Only german, austrian and swiss people would read this… Maybe I’ll get more readers now. Second of all, I am in America, and it is only logical to write in english. Last but not least, it’s easier than german :D

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  1. Mika Says:

    Finally I can read you blog, thanks not funny German guy! :P

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